About Rock Hill Farm

The Poet William Wordworth  believed natural poetry “takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.”  Rock Hill Farm has a long history of offering its surroundings to afford folks an opportunity to reflect on their emotions in a tranquil state –filling life’s moments at Rock Hill with memories that become a natural poetry of life—for a lifetime.

The historic home on Rock Hill Farm was there in 1806, the land provided refuge for soldiers—not a battleground.  On this 300 acres, Presidents have trod and appreciated the beauty that nature creates season after season.  Our American Indian’s proclaim any place where two streams meet fosters the union of spirits.  It is well suited two streams meet on Rock Hill where an Old Mill thrived to support the needs of the community.   This is a truly magical place where spirts come alive and lift the spirts of those present.  We don’t use the term “visitors” at Rock Hill as we firmly believe this land belongs to all.  The majesty of Rock Hill lifts your spirits and the beauty of Rock Hill is everyone’s—it can’t be owned and, by the magic of nature, it can’t be suppressed.  The rolling pastures remain untouched other than the gentle trod of the Black Angus cattle and the eloquent strut of our resident peacock.  Yes, even at Rock Hill—we must have a little attitude!

Harness the purple mountain’s majesty as you follow the curving driveway into your private magical place and be assured that view remains yours throughout your event.  With your feet planted firmly on the soil of Rock Hill your spirits will soar as you enjoy the 180 degree views of the Blue Ridge and Old Rag Mountain.

Rock Hill’s 19th Century Barn has been completely renovated, while retaining the architectural dignity of our forefathers.  Situated on a hill with a lovely breeze—the barn is no doubt the perfect anchor for any event.  Allow guests to freshen up from their short drive from DC in our ultra-moderns suites.

Optimally convenient to Route 29—literally only one turn away—your guests will find themselves engaged in “moments” not mapquest or GPS.  Hospitality comes second nature to the rolling hills and winding streams of Rock Hill.  Experience it—make it yours—and make memories at Rock Hill that will last your lifetime.

As Wordworth writes…..

“There was a time when meadow, grove and stream,
The earth, and every common sight
To me did seem
Appareled in celestial light”

Apparel your life moments in celestial light—Rock Hill creates them in both in mind, body and spirit.